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HIPPY Role Play Module

Client: HIPPY Tampa

Target Audience: New HIPPY Home Visitors

Responsibilities: Instructional Design, e-Learning Development, Front End Analysis, Visual Design, Action Mapping, Story Boarding, Script, Prototyping, Final Development

Tools Used: Articulate RISE 360, Adobe Photoshop, Canvas LMS


This learning module was created for the HIPPY Tampa organization who was in need of an online training program for their new hires. Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic the organization could no longer utilize its face-2-face Power Point training and wanted USF to transfer its current training process into a fully online interactive learning training. My group was tasked with designing and creating the Role Play portion of the training for new hires.


Our team utilized the Successive Approximation Model (SAM) to design, create, and revise the Role Play Module. Through this process we met with the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) determine the needs of the organization and how to best create a solution for their training needs. Once this was determined, we conducted a Front-End Analysis (FEA) to determine identify the client, determine the reason for the training request, examine the training requirements and identify alternative approaches, provide the client with information to meet their training needs within budget, and determine the methodologies we will use to gather data. Once our FEA was approved we created an Instructional Design Proposal (IDP) to provide the client with the topics for instruction, learning objectives, training content, assessments, and a project completion timeline. After client approval and revisions were made to the IDP an Outline/Flowchart and Storyboard were created. Once approved a design prototype was created, sent to the SEMs for review, and then the final design training was created. 

Front-End Analysis
Instructional Development Plan
Outline and Flowchart

The final Role Play training module was 1 of 5 unique interactive training module that were combined to create the 100% online new hire training that the HIPPY client was seeking. Overall, the clients goal was met for having a fully interactive training where their new hires could take learn about the organization, the different components of the home visit, and be assessed on how well they learned the target objectives for the training course. 

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